I did not pull or slice a single tee shot. Posted 03 May – Club length is 45 inches. My miss hits are still very playable and I get good comments on how well I hit my drives. My mishits were immediately felt and even when hit bad they weren’t all that bad. It is difficult to get the clubface closed.

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I tried callawat drivers out before choosing this one, and since making the move i have lowered my handicap by 10 stokes mainly because my drives no go straight. When I use Taylermade drivers, they work well.

I hit a demo FT-3 Tour Neutral 8. This closed face keep playing tricks with my eyes and mind but eventually I stopped trusting and using the sole to line up the club.

Callaway X Graphite Driver

Posted 21 May – Interestingly enough, I did not draw or hook that ball at all with the 4 hits that I took with this club. Feel like if I had a lower launch callawaj this could be the longest driver I’ve ever hit. What a difference this makes. This moves the tip of the shaft closer to the center of the clubface, which improves feel and control.


Callaway X460 Drivers

Posted 22 April – This is a Callaway X 9 driver with original headcover. They have been getting losts of mixed reviews about the POM headcover and I’m sure it won’t be long before they start phasing the POMs out. After some time I learned again what a great and mediocre struck shot sounded like. They were looong but waaay too high for my taste.

Fifth … TING … The ting sound very goodcompared to the other clubs. I have a 4 iron that does that and it is unnerving as heck to hit it.

At least 20 yards longer than my old driver. Posted 07 December – It did go a mile high but it was a mile downrange too! The X does have a new sole dubbed the Consistent Alignment Sole. Performance Once I was able to teach my new dog how to sit at address, it really is a good club for the money.

When compared to the FT-3, the X does have a more solid feel at impact. Posted 01 August – The grip is standard Callaway fare. It had the Reg. Oh, and the headcover is one of the worst ever. Callaway X Tour 9. I agree on the stiff flex shaft being whippy.


This might have helped my accuracy a little but the club is not as long as my FT Posted 21 April – Lastly, I no longer bring it out of the bag due to the completely evil callawway it makes, some of you have gotten over it, not me. Share this with your golf buddies: Posted 20 July – Your name You calaway enter your name. Overall I like it, but I liked the feel of my current Driver just a little bit more.

I hit a demo FT-3 Tour Neutral 8.