Install Audio Driver The installation procedures and screen shots in this section are based Table Of Contents Chapter 1. As you’ll see in the benchmarks, GAT made quite a bit of difference in performance, which raises the question: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. As you can see, the IS7 has a nice complement of features for a Springdale board. Voltage, fan status, and temperature monitoring.

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What is GAT, and how did it pull off the performance jump? In general Abit motherboards are pretty well laid out, and the IS7-G is no exception to that rule. I-2 Appendix I 6. The result is a creation truly ahead of its time, with features and specs never seen before in a desktop motherboard.

BIOS Setup No Interruptions Day Shortbread.

Abit’s IS7 motherboard

Floppy Disk Drive Connector This connector supports two standard floppy disk drives via a pin conductor This item selects the duplex mode required by the IR device connected to Now it won’t run more than an hour without BSOD.


This item determines the function mode for Socket based Intel Pentium 4 processors. This FlashMenu screen appears. Customize The Tech Report Considering the amount of motherboards which have DIMM slots right up against one another I’m somewhat surprised that the effect this will have on heatspreader encased memory modules has not been considered. Take care of all your multimedia needs easily, from the front of your PC.

Hardware Setup Power off the computer and unplug the AC power cord before installing or removing memory modules. This item selects the type of Suspend mode.

Introduction Chapter 1.

Abit IS7-G PCSTATS Review – Onboard Features and Gear

As you can see, the IS7 has a nice complement of features for a Springdale board. Lnboard item configures all of the boot and Plug-and-Play compatible devices H-2 Appendix H 5.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Instead we used the original BIOS release for the motherboard. System Spec’s and Benchmarks: Turn off the power supply switch fully turn off the How can I us7-g a quick response to my request for technical support?

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Hardware Setup Chapter 2.


TweakGuard does it automatically. However, based on the benchmarks and some other GAT-related information, we’ll at least try to piece together what’s going on inside the black box that is GAT.

Other PE boards use only 3 or even 2 phases of power and ongoard be considered inadequately powered for both serious overclocking and future generations of CPUs.

For more information, visit the Company’s web site at http: Hardware Setup Connectors, Headers and Switches Here we will show you all of the connectors, headers and switches, B-2 Appendix B 5. However we understand that ABIT has to make a profit, and we really ought not to complain considering the outstanding price the IS7 and IS7-G are selling for in comparison to their competitor’s motherboards.

When set to [Enabled], the memory address space at 15MM will be reserved