It seems your specific laptop Asus F5R has problems activating the wireless card in Ubuntu 9. English Edit question Status: No dock devices found. And have a nice day. Now to start off the driver for this card is still under major development along with the whole wireless subsystem in the Linux kernel so this could become outdated soon. Hi, This last mail was the best one.

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Hi Mark, I would like to come back to this isue. If you want to install wicd, it is recommended to first connect your pc to your router using a LAN cable ethernet cable. Wish you a nice day. Either one too many are active, or not enough.

Asuss a working link to the image. If I had to choose again, I would go with a Dell laptop, as I am currently using it at home and it works with all Linux flavors and everything works out of the box without tinkering. Broadcom Corporation BCM Want to add to the discussion?


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Rob Frerejean hffrerejean said on You can close this call if you like. Is this working, or should I NOT do this? This question was reopened by Rob Frerejean. Hi Mark, That did not work either. I had one usb wifi dongle lying around so I used that instead. auss

BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN [14e4:4311] (rev 01) not working on Asus F5R in Ubuntu 9.04

Found 2 processor cores. D Hope this help. Just open Terminal and edit a file: Log in or sign wi-fl in seconds. Check ‘ip link’ and make sure your wireless device is actually there. Submit a new text post. None Link to a FAQ. As you already know, they are always a pain to configure.

Power on the wireless card through the physical switch. I never have to manually install any drivers.


What’s the model of your router? Hi, This last mail was the best one. So first lets download the kernel.

The signal isn’t great, but it works. Wireless issue could be caused by newer Linux kernels as compared to the kernel used in Ubuntu 7. My neighbor’s wifi seems to be wpa2 according to wifi-menu and my is wpa as well. I’m trying to set up an old laptop while my current one is f5e serviced. No dock devices found. I could be wrong though.


Problem is not solved. Try disabling encryption on the router and enabling SSID broadcasting on the router and then try establishing the wireless connection.

If you still cannot connect after disabling di-fi on the router, try installing wicd. But the weird thing is that when I run wifi-menu it only finds my neighbors wifi even when I sit right next to my router.