Choose Refresh Data – With Prompt from the menu to the right in the dialouge. Enter your database username and password and click OK. This will be the default name of the final data table in Spotfire as well. You will now see the selected tables listed in the database window. I get the error trying to run any existing report.

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Enter your database username and password and click OK. Wildcard Characters in Sage Intelligence.

How do I connect to the program using ODBC/OLEDB?

Connect to Sage 50—U. Please contact your Sage business partner, network administrator, or accountant for assistance. I am receiving the same error and I do have the Connector Module. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

How to create ODBC DSN drivers for Sage BusinessWorks

If so, Have you check tested your connection to your Peachtree Database and Server? The password must be exactly 7 characters in businessqorks and contain at least one letter and one number. I get the error trying to run any existing report.

Does the full version of Pervasive have to installed on businessworkx workstation? Connect to Data, define an ODBC data source, define your original Spotfire data table and load the corresponding rows. Close this window and log in. A common enhancement request is the ability to replace Spotfire’s ODBC data sources while keeping data transformations and calculations based on the data table intact.


Spotfire® and ODBC data sources | TIBCO Community

Make sure you can view the data from that table, this will confirm if businessqorks Pervasive driver is functioning properly. The Address will be the IP Address or the computer name to the server where the Sage 50 data is located.

Whenever you need to edit the data source go to the Source View and click the data source’s two reload arrows.

Or, will he have to create it? This is a Peachtree installation and full Pervasive is not installed. The new 2 table is visible in the SourceView.

YOu can do the same test on the container. Spotfire currently doesn’t include native support for Data but you can use the generic ODBC support described above to retreive data. Yes, but I would get a busonessworks of his. Are you a Sage Peachtree Partner. Browse and select your individual company folder for the Dictionary Location, click OK, enter something unique in the Database Name box and click OK on all screens.


odbbc Live queries in-database No Yes, when feasible. Is it something I need to download? Even if it forces you to use sample data, that’s fine, as long as it provides a way to test the connection to the database.

How do I connect to the program using ODBC/OLEDB?

The Database Name will appear as the company name in Sage This is not yet possible without the workaround below but please vote for the idea here.

In the Specify Tables and Columns dialog, specify what data you want to busineswworks by selecting the checkboxes of the tables and columns in the list.

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This is where the 32 bit odbc manager is: Enter a password and confirm it. As you begin to select bueinessworks and column the corresponding SQL statement will be generated. How do I activate this module? I can’t find any information about one.