Someone on a 20 handicap, no; someone on a 12 handicap, no; someone on a 4 handiap, no. That evening, I received a tracking number from UPS for these clubs, but with no message or reply from the seller saying what he shipped the club so late, 7 days after the auction ended. Very bad ones at that. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem purchasing from this seller. I hope they have some great holiday specials for I have several golfers in my family.

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Countefreit have see so many times and I never order anything from the internet, because they were making some money from you while you play poor golf game!

I told them that my wife found out I ordered these and she is pissed. I called both Taylormade and Callaway to confirm. I hope none were golf clubs of any of the previously mentioned brands. Has anyone bought clubs on the website economygolfsale. Three xallaway materials — a dense Tunite alloy cradle, lightweight titanium face, and special vibration-dampening TPU SenSert — are married together in our most technologically advanced irons ever manufactured.

I got delivered only the irons and woods which were extremely poor quality. Feel ease to buy from Empire Golf.

How to Tell Fake Callaway Clubs | Golfweek

My idea to severely dent the amount of people who fall for this is to contact the legitimate sites we have done business with and ask them to post a prominent link to this list on their home pages.


The first thing counterceit you notice is the finish of the actual club head. No phone number so I emailed asking if their products are authentic. Spread the Word If you think this guide will help you identify counterfeit golf clubs, please share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons below.

In case that the package was damaged obviously when arrived.

Seems as though it would be an awfully expensive undertaking to counterfeit golf clubs to me I have been making custom clubs for over 5 years. The more eagle eyed of you will also notice that the black dot on the hosel of the fake club is smaller than on the original.

Check the hosel of the club, which is the section that joins the shaft to the clubhead.

What Are the Best Golf Shafts? Most of the rip-off online stores have old inventories Nike platinum or regular-priced golf balls. Just seems to good to be true. So they sold through the gray market.

Bought a set of fake Callaway X-forged irons from eBay – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

My second clue should have been that the company was based in China. Where do I sign up? I did the magnet test to see if the face was titanium and tested the crown on my driver purchased from eBay and all checked out. I would not recommend. Im looking into buying a set of Titleist Ap2 irons with precision shaft 5.


I’m at 26 hcp and he’s green card, I can’t differ a real from a fake club. Counterfeit Ping G15 Graphite Shaft.

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

Hey callaawy i came across a sight not sure it if it fake but got a good feeling it is: Has anyone bought from golfsalesman.

Callaway uses specific unique colors on their clubs. Once I typed up the post it was several pages long so I have decided to break the guide into multiple posts. I know they make very good counterfeits and it would be nice to find out caloaway on.

Counterfeit Head Details Putter Colors and fonts will be different just like on the irons and drivers above. The serial number matches some older order numbers of ours from