This wave of wrestlers understood their genetic limits and brought something fresh to the table. Match 5, Digging Deep Kid’s first match filmed for TV was taped 30 June in Lincoln and transmitted 30 October by which time another match against Pete Meredith had been filmed and screened saw him lose by technical knockout to veteran heel “Strongman” Alan Dennison [14] after injuring his throat on the top ring rope. When Billington was living in Calgary they co-owned an apartment together where they lived with their respective girlfriends. Yet somehow Dynamite Kid was able to leap over these territorial divides and establish a track record not only in multiple parts of the US, but in the markets of other countries as well. Mick Foley reported that, when he and Les Thornton another British wrestler wrestled the Bulldogs in a tag-team match early in Foley’s career, Billington manhandled him so badly in the ring that he tore a ligament in Foley’s jaw with his signature Hook Clothesline, preventing Foley from eating solid food until his recovery.

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The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. This time Dynamite is more prepared for Tiger Mask, aggressively targeting his legs whilst also being wearier of his offence.

piledriveg Wanting to punish Tiger Mask perhaps for his previous loss, Dynamite hits another piledriver and goes for the headbutt again, only this time he misses.

While Dynamite Kid never achieved a reign as Heavyweight Champion during his stint with the WWF, that says nothing about his ability to perform.

Dynamite Kid – Wikipedia

Both men end dyhamite in the crowd and it seems the match is over prematurely, before we thankfully get a restart. In addition, he had also received training in boxing during kix formative years, which helped instill toughness in him before his career. Retrieved 6 December This wave of wrestlers understood their genetic limits and brought something fresh to the table. Inafter having a great deal of complications he was experiencing with walking due to the large number of back and leg injuries he suffered during his career, Billington lost the use of his left leg.


This is by far dynamiye least dramatic, least pildriver and least fun match of the series. For instance, while Ric Flair is considered one of the most complete wrestlers in the history of this industry, during his heyday he was only known in Southern territories such as North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. In addition to his paralysis, Billington also suffered from heart problems. Some could argue, however that his cousin is the standout of the duo. Although The Dynamite Kid was short in stature, he was also quite dangerous.

Dynamite Kid

But even before Mexico popularized this style of wrestling, one British wrestler had already established the framework. The two would compete dhnamite one another several more times in a feud that is often credited as putting Junior Heavyweight wrestling on the map, as well as setting the standard for future generations. Retrieved from ” https: A fresh take on sports: He was represented by attorney Konstantine Kyros, who is involved in several other lawsuits involving former WWE wrestlers.

The match itself was an odd sight, as Dynamite could barely walk due to back surgery, and thus needed to be assisted to the ring by linking arms with Davey Boy Smith. Austin vs Hart, Tsuruta vs Tenryu and the Michaels vs Ramon ladder matches, are all examples of matches that pushed the envelope and not only changed perceptions on what could be done within the squared circle, but for better or worse, changed the expectations and tastes of piledrivr.


Undeniably however this match is the flashiest, the most high risk and the most dramatic if you can stand the overbooking of the bunch.


Dynamite Kid was born in England, completed his training in Canada, traveled the roads of America, and became a legend in Japan. WWE in the Raging 80s.

One competitor tries to dive off the top rope. You are commenting using your WordPress. Tiger Mask and Dynamite head to the states to show their stuff in front of the Madison square garden audience. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Website for moms seeking piedriver, community, and entertainment. With the help of more than a few supplements, he ballooned.

Billington was a close friend of Wayne Hart. Billington claimed the Rougeau incident was not ,id final straw that drove him to leave the WWF, but rather a dispute with WWF management over the issuance of complimentary plane tickets, over which he resigned from the company on principle and which to his surprise in dynwmite, Smith followed suit.

Dynamite once again hits a piledriver tombstone variation this time and not messing around goes straight for the pin but Tiger Mask survives. Retrieved 7 June A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocksp.

Their opponent jumps to his feet and a battle ensues atop the turnbuckle.