Relieve the need of a workstation running the remoteprinter utility. After PTPP is installed, the server can directly printthrough print server. AppleTalk is a data communication protocol often used byMacintoshes. The information of the printer isdisplayed in the windows. You can enter the installedlocation of the print server here. Page 86 In the Infrastructure mode, you have to let the print serverassociate with an access point. Choose to set the print whether as a default printeror not.

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Edimax PS-3207U User Manual: Setup Print Server’s Ip Address; Dhcp; Bootp

Hardware InstallationUnpack the print server package and verify that all theitems listed in the section 1. Mode 32007u the operation mode of wireless station.

The default values are asfollows. Choose to print edimqx test page or not. Page 30 NOTE 1: This section will first introduce the role every componentplays in the network-printing environment.

From the assistant of this utility, you can print to otherprint servers outside the subnet across networksegment. Page 87 Ad Hoc Mode: The list is the scanned available access points. Pass Job when Error Occurred: You can print a file to check whether the Print Server isinstalled successfully. You have now successfully created the print queuethat your print server will serve.


You have completed the installation phase and prepareto configure the Print Server.

This print server supports NetWare Bindery Printingmethod. The system will start to install the utilities automatically. Thisprint server allows your printer to become a shared deviceon the edimad. You have to assignthe NetWare server name, print server polling interval andthe name of queue on the NetWare server for each printerport. All guidelines of this and of the computermanufacture must therefore be allowed at all times to ensure the safeuse of the equipment.

EDIMAX Ps-3207u 2 USB 2.0 and 1 X Parallel Ports Print Server

Page 83 Domain Country: Change the current file server, if necessary, using theChange Current File Server menu selection. Page Password, enter the edmax you want to change to theprint server.

Press Insert and add your newly created print queueto the list of queues serviced by the printer. You canuse 320u7 name to identify the print server when you aresearching for the print server by the administration andclient utilities. Longer key length can provide stronger security but worthcommunication performance.


Edimax Technology PSU : Printer User Manual

Guide You Through All the Settings. The printserver also has a built-in DHCP server. Compare with NetWare printing functionality, theadvantages of embedding the NetWare network printingfunctionality in the print server include: Please refer to Section 3.

Select the Printer Model that is attached tothe Print Server.

Password, enter the password you want to change to theprint server. Please follow the procedures described below: Any software described in this manual is soldor licensed “as is”.

Page 85 Users can plug the Ethernet cable to the print server at the first, afterconfiguring the print server features and wireless settings; they canunplug the Ethernet cable to enable the wireless connection.

Network management is easier. Page 65 Lines should be indented with tabs.