However, it is likely that there will be no dedicated drivers for the PC as there were no official drivers for it for El Capitan. And, I think they all work. It sounds as if Roland have good drivers — if so, they may well cope with Sierra OK. Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks a lot for looking into it Howard! We strongly recommend hanging fire on upgrading until the unit is officially supported before making the move, as upgrading immediately after an OS release can cause issues. Adobe CC — now almost completely compatible and fully supported Printing from Photoshop can result in Photoshop unexpectedly quitting when still running Sierra

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Thank you for that very clear illustration. All rights that are not provided for herein are reserved by Roland.

Bad science, too many variables! I wish you success, Howard. And, I think they all work.

Fortunately reinstalling the driver with system integrity protection disabled did the job. Users of ScanSnap devices sdirol have full Sierra support, with a list of updates available here. That worried me for a start.

Many users are reporting success in running component apps from Adobe CS6 and earlier, even back to CS3 in some cases. Many thanks in advance! However this looks like a driver bug to me.


More on this soon. Use the feedback thread. The simplest way to avoid problems is to ensure that you only sync documents using Dropbox, or iCloud, but ya-25 both. So for now I just have to hold down these 2 buttons when connecting it.


I recommend that you contact Microsoft support: Have you tried recalibrating the display even if only with the Displays pane basic method?

I lost all my desktop settings and all My Documents. Which Mac and which graphics card are you using? I do a lot of work with macOS packages during my day job so decided to go tinkering in the Edirol driver.

This fix — http: Thanks, I have now done that but cannot find the plugin extension — however I am just replacing like for like files in the directories from the.

Roland uaex without driver for Mac OS Sierra – what to do? : WeAreTheMusicMakers

I was able to fix it for now by holding down the S1 and S2 keys when connecting the device. Thanks for confirming it — my article will publish at UTC tomorrow morning, with more info and links. There are others too, such as Shimo. Crashes in Microsoft Office apps — mostly resolved Microsoft acknowledges that some users experience crashes in the various apps of Microsoft Office Edieol keep an eye out on the official product page below as this is where the drivers will be first released publically: The foregoing provision is effective even if Roland Corporation has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Roland – Roland South Europe SPA – Support – UA – Actualizaciones y drivers

Thanks — I would note that re: In which app is this, or is it all apps? Want to mad to the discussion? Next problem — everything started running very slowly.

There are a few around, hopefully cleaned up in the next update. I noticed this while I was working on Sketch and just saw it on this website http: This channel provides information of the Roland’s best quality electronic musical instruments. Fujitsu ScanSnap incompatibility — fully resolved Users of ScanSnap devices now have full Sierra support, with a list of updates available here.

Pacifist is very useful for this sort of trick.